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Breakdown with Palvista AI

Delving deep into your data becomes imperative as your data volume begins to expand!

Here, you'll discover the most frequently used prompts across various report categories:

Event Property Breakdown:

If your users are signing up through different channels and you're capturing that as a property of your sign-up event, you can inquire of AI: "What's the breakdown based on the source property of the signup event?" To obtain the desired outcome, you might follow up with a query like: "Include two additional columns showing signups in the last 7 and 30 days for each source."

User Properties Breakdown:

If you're associating specific user information such as roles, you could ask AI: "Provide me with the breakdown based on the users properties 'country.'"

User Persona Breakdown:

Among your active users, there may be various personas engaging with your platform. Inquire of AI: "Provide me with the breakdown based on the user property 'role' for users who generated the "Invoice created" event in the last 30 days."

Event Property Analysis:

Within a particular feature, there might be diverse event properties worth examining. Ask AI: "Give me the breakdown for the event loaded report based on the 'report type' property. Additionally, include the unique count of users who triggered these events in the last 30 days."